Pay The Healing Forward

Prodana is a platform that empowers mental health practitioners to help more people. Collect contributions from past clients, current clients, and the community, while making yourself accessible to people in need.

Create a profile

Mental health practitioners create a profile page allowing individuals to both book appointments with them and to support their work.


The profile transparently displays how much support the practitioner has received, and how many appointments they have completed.

Collect funds

Support can come from their community, from strangers, or from past or current clients. There is no transactional correlation between someone getting help and someone supporting the practitioner.


People who often need the most help are least able to help themselves, often because of financial limitations.

Mental health and emotional struggles are often part of a perfect storm of difficult physical circumstances, limited financial resources, and a lack of interpersonal support.

The private sector typically still offers the best solutions, but is often unattainable at the time to a person in crisis.


Removing the transactional nature from the personal growth process can result in even more resources allocated towards people's wellbeing.

People would pay more than their therapist’s fees if they knew it was going to help multiple other people.

Clients who can’t pay full rates can still subscribe to a smaller monthly contribution which they can make for years.

Individuals whose fortunes have improved can turn around to support others long after their own treatments have ended.


People will gladly support other people's emotional and personal growth, without the need for personal recognition or direct payback.

The process of personal growth is a private and personal one. Giving in this field is ideally done with this same sensitivity. Reports of hours spent in service, as well as anonymized anecdotes of successes and breakthrows, are all we need to find meaning in our giving.


Is this model sustainable?
Does this work for all professions?
Don't clients need to pay for therapy to work?
Can this model be combined with other forms of income?
Prodana is a crowdfunding platform that promotes emotional wellbeing for all by enabling mental-health practitioners to receive financial support for their work using a transparent pay-it-forward model.
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