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Raising a deaf of hard of hearing child comes with its unique challenges. ​

There's a big gap between what has to happen at audiology appointments (testing, fitting, and programming)…

and the very real questions that parents like you have about your child’s life.

  • Their needs.
  • Their struggles.
  • How they’ll develop language and communicate.
  • Their relationships with siblings and extended family.
  • The family finances.

...and the many choices ahead like what program or intervention is right for your family.  As a parent, you're also juggling all this while handling the mangy complicated emotions around the diagnosis itself, whether recent or years ago.

I'm an audiologist and parent coach, specializing in supporting parents of deaf or hard of hearing children in finding your confidence to be the best advocate and connect deeply with your child.
But you might need help understanding your child's test results, learning to navigate the system, and sorting through all the contradictory advice. 

Book a session, and we'll discuss how you can get:

 Super clear on your goals for your child and the roadmap to achieve them.

|  The practical tools and strategies to get them the services they deserve.

|  Support when you need it- before and after appointments & meetings.

|  The confidence to speak up for your child, and to help them self-advocate.

Talk soon, 
Lilach Saperstein, AuD.

Host of the All About Audiology Podcast


By using the pay-it-forward model of Prodana, you'll be helping support other parents around the world. 

I offer counseling at a reduced cost to those who cannot afford my standard rates, and you can make a big impact by joining the mission of reaching any parent who needs my services.

At the end of your session, you'll receive an email from inviting you to pay your experience forward. 

If you benefited from our session and the work we do together, you can choose to make a one-time or recurring contribution based on your own experience, financial ability, and what you feel inspired to give.

I want our work together to focus on supporting you. Using this platform, we can put the financial situation to the side, with each person paying what they can, and paying it forward so more people can get the support they deserve.        

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Doctor of AudiologyCUNY Graduate Center | 2013 - 2017
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