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AnxietyTrauma / PTSD
Modalities - IFS, Hypnosis, ExistentialDemographics - Jewish, Buddhist

About Me

Ever since my first personal growth workshop at the age of 19, I have benefited tremendously from individuals who contributed their time, energy and expertise to help me grow as a person. 

I personally struggled for years with PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, and Depression, and the support of others has been instrumental in my own journey and in being able to evolve to the point where I can help others. 

There were times in my life where I didn't have the resources to help myself, and am eternally grateful to the individuals who gave of their resources to assist me in my time of need. I am committed to doing the same for others. 

How I can help

Of the many modalities I have experienced, hypnosis stood out to me as particularly impactful - I had profound insights in single sessions, and found myself rapidly overcoming deeply-entrenched behavior patterns. 

I undertook training as a therapist, attending graduate-level courses in clinical sociology, and focused in particular on hypnotherapy training. Over the years I have worked with many individuals to assist them in overcoming trauma, addressing fears, and reconnecting to themselves and their purpose. 

If you need support, please reach out to me via the contact form on this page. 

If you are inspired to help me help others you can make a contribution of any amount on this page as well. I only get paid out once I complete a session and get reviewed by my client, and you'll be kept up to date about the impact your contribution has made. 

Certificate / Degree
Clinical SociologyUniversity of North Texas | 2011
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